From sales report consolidation to in-depth sales analysis, Vearsa Analytics has got you covered.


In an increasingly global and complex eBook market one of the main challenges publishers face is managing and reconciling dozens of sales reports each month. How do you account for different currencies? Different business models? Periodic payments?

Worry no more. Vearsa Analytics consolidates all your sales reports in one place and allows you to mine your sales data for key insights to give you a competitive edge.


All your sales reports in one place

Manage all your digital sales reports and business models in one easy to use system.

Don’t wast time playing around with Excel or pivot tables. Just log on, view and download.

Never be caught out for that report for the board meeting or the data for that pre-acquisition call.

Vearsa Analytics puts all your sales at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere.

Daily Sales

Daily sales reporting from all the major retailers.

Previously you had to wait up to 90 days to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Wonder no more. With Vearsa Anaytics you can understand the impact of your sales and marketing decisions within days, not months.

Diversify your market

Develop tactics to reduce reliance on select channels. Your future lies in ensuring your titles are available in as many markets as possible.

Accessing new markets is one thing, but understanding what works and what strategies have impact is another.  Use Vearsa Analytics to leverage your data to maximize new opportunities.

In-depth analysis

Drill down through your data to find the details that really matter. Drive your eBook business through actionable insights.

By Country 
Spot growing markets and trends across retailers.
By Title 
Know your star performers. Reinvigorate your backlist.
By Category 
Identify high potential niches and strategically build your list.

Vearsa Analytics - Instant insights

Effortlessly combine your sales reports and historic performance in one easy-to-use dashboard. Take all the effort out of reporting while benefiting from genuine big data insights. Be an eBook Superhero - Get Vearsa Analytics today. Contact Us

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