Vearsa Visuals

Providing continuous market feedback, Vearsa Visuals allows publishers to monitor and react to changing marketplace dynamics.


Vearsa Visuals delivers detailed analysis of catalogue and title performance metrics. It provides you with a clear understanding of how your books are positioned in the market.

Consolidate your sales and marketing data into a single platform. With Vearsa Visuals you will gain real-time insights that will allow you to make informed decisions.

Buy Box Analysis

Vearsa Visuals allows you to gather buy box information directly from key retailers. This allows you to monitor your titles and how they are performing against other sellers in the market.

  • Compare Print and Digital side by side
  • Downloadable as a set
  • Pre calculated discounts


Keyword Event Analysis

Vearsa Visuals keyword event analysis allows you to track events against your sales and marketing data. Imagine you make changes to your metadata and want to see their real time effect in the market. This function will show you the actual value of those changes at an ISBN level.

Or what about showing the value of your promo at a particular retailer. Keyword event analysis will allow you to dig into your results in real time.

Keyword event Analysis allows you to:

  • Set your own event dates to be tracked
  • Dynamically calculates the before and after periods
  • Provides you with pre-calculated sales averages

Targeted Sales Analysis

Vearsa Visuals allows you to view catalog performance against pre-defined sales targets. Track your sales and consumer engagement for frontlist, backlist, and top performing titles. Upload your own internal sales targets to examine sales per title and per retailer.

You can:

  • Configure your own Sales Targets
  • Track progress over daily or monthly sales
  • Overlay consumer engagement data to add insights

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